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Monday, June 05, 2006

Soundtrack Preview: 'The Omen'

The Devil made me do it! Beware 6/5/06! Yes, another preview. Check out five samples from Marco Beltrami's score for The Omen remake opening this Tuesday, aka 6/6/06. Beltrami, who studied under Jerry Goldsmith (quick history lesson: Goldsmith won his one and only Oscar for the original The Omen) pays homage to the master in his end title track "Omen 76/06" (referencing "Ave Satani", and "The Killer Storm" among others), and quotes Goldsmith's serene "The Piper Dreams" theme from the original The Omen in "The Adoption" and "The Nanny's Noose". Don't think that Marco rests on the emotional resonance of the original's material (unlike say, that upcoming caped crusader score) to get the job done. True to form, Beltrami unleashes highly entertaining thrills worthy of the Son of Satan in cues like "Ambassador Gets Fired", "Dogs In The Cemetery" and "Alter of Sacrifice". Strangely enough, the signature sound of the original score, the chorus, is not a major feature of Beltrami's score. He does utilize a light choir, but the chorus only appears in the end title track. Enjoy the clips. It's all for you, Damien!

1. The Omen Main Titles
2. A Cross To Bear
3. Dogs In The Cemetery
4. Alter Of Sacrifice
5. Omen 76/06

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