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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Soundtrack Preview: 'Cars'

Following the success of the X-Men: The Last Stand preview, Cinemusic brings you five clips from Randy Newman's score for Disney/Pixar's Cars, in stores June 6th on Walt Disney Records. Like his previous scores for Pixar's Toy Story (1 and 2), A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc., Cars is thoroughly Randy Newman effort - zippy, brightly colored and infused with plenty of personality. Unique for Newman is an infusion of rocking drums and electric guitars (think James Newton Howard's Space Jam), which will surely thrill Nascar fans more than film music purists! Walt Disney Records tops up Newman's 20+ minutes of score with a stable of inoffensive family-friendly radio acts like Sherly Crow, Racal Flatts, James Taylor and John Mayer.

1. Opening Race
2. New Road
3. Dirt Is Different
4. McQueen and Sally
5. The Big Race

Links: Purchase Cars / Walt Disney Records

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