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Monday, January 08, 2007

Score one for the team

The once-solitary job of film scoring is becoming a collaborative effort.
By Jeff Bond
Jan 5, 2007

(via The Hollywood Reporter) As most filmmakers will attest, making movies is an immensely collaborative process. While producers, directors and writers often end up getting the lion's share of the credit when a film succeeds, the reality is that great movies are never the work of one person. The same cannot be said of film scoring. The life of a film composer is frequently a solitary one, with weeks, months and sometimes years spent painstakingly writing and rewriting the cues and themes that can bring a movie to life.

Lately, however, the traditional view of a film composer slaving away all by his or her lonesome has changed, and it's more and more common to see multiple composers on a movie receive screen credit, whether they start out as composing teams or when extra hands are brought in to help out late in the process.

This year boasts a number of high-profile collaborations, some between composers and artists who might be considered outside the music world altogether -- namely, directors. Read more...