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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Intrada: 'The Pick-Up Artist'

Intrada Announces:

The Pick-Up Artist
Composed and Conducted by Georges Delerue

Sherlock Holmes In New York
Composed by Richard Rodney Bennett
Conducted by Leonard Rosenman

Intrada Special Collection Volume 37

In this installment of the Intrada Special Collection, Intrada presents two New York-based 20th Century Fox film scores. The 1987 romantic film The Pick-Up Artist features Molly Ringwald and Robert Downey, Jr., telling the tale of a womanizer who eventually finds the right girl and is confronted with having to change his dastardly ways. The 1976 telefilm Sherlock Holmes In New York features none other than Roger Moore as Holmes up against his archnemsis Moriarty (John Huston).

Although Delerue wrote a concise 25-minute score for The Pick-Up Artist, most of it was deleted from the film. The score is both wistful and hopeful, conjuring up a spirit that could have lifted the film to an entirely different level if the score had been left intact. Director Ken Russell once described Delerue's gift for enhancing a director's work this way: "If you wanted to evoke a beautifully sunny day and it was raining, Georges' music could bring the sun out. Not many people can do
that. Only God and Georges Delerue." This score is evidence of just that.

In Sherlock Holmes In New York, Richard Rodney Bennett was fresh off Murder On The Orient Express and wrote a compelling adventure score, filled with suspense, unfulfilled romance, and excitement for what was his first American television project.

Both scores were assembled from pristine sounding stereo elements. This release is limited to 1200 units.

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