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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Has Horner lost his mind?

Daniel Schweiger host of "On the Score" sends word on his latest show... My question is did Horner know the interview was being taped?
Tune in to a new edition of On the Score at Film Music Radio for an in-depth and ultra-rare interview with composer James Horner.

In this extensive, on-demand show, Horner gives a candid and completely frank interview about his career, scoring All the Kings Men and the controversial music decisions of Troy and The New World. It's an interview that you'll only find at Film Music Radio, the show and station that listens to the words and music of today's top composers.
Brian Tyler's website has an update on his 2007 slate:
Brian has four projects lined up for 2007 -- Time to Kill starring Nicholas Cage as a hitman in Thailand, directed by brothers Danny and Oxide Pang (The Eye), Alien Vs Predator 2 for 20th Century Fox, directed by 'The Brothers Strause' (Colin and Greg Strause) set for a Christmas 2007 release, Rogue starring Jason Statham and Jet Li as bitter rivals in a mysterious action thriller directed by Philip G. Atwell and a third collaboration with director Justin Lin for his mockumentary comedy Finishing the Game about Bruce Lee's unfinished film.