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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lennertz and 'Supernatural'

Cinescape's Randall D. Larson has interviewed Christopher Lennertz regarding his Emmy-nominated music for Supernatural. Read the interview...

Danny Elfman's 8-minute original piece to be given it's World Premiere at the Hollywood Bowl in September now has a name: "Overture To A Nonexistant Musical". Elfman says its: "a big, fun, boisterous and slightly crazy piece written to bid goodbye to one of film music's biggest supporters. I imagined it as a grand overture to something that doesn't actually exist. Many themes... as if taken from a larger work... some kind of imaginary musical or ballet."

Joel Goldsmith will score the videogame Call of Duty 3. Previous installments of the series were scored by Michael Giacchino (1) and Graeme Revell (2).

A bilingual official website for Georges Delerue has been launched.