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Friday, June 09, 2006

Trevor Jones in da howze!

From the folks at Soncinemad:
The Soncinemad Trevor Jones symphonic concert will take place at the Teatro Monumental, Madrid, in the 1st of July, 2006, at 20:00. The spectacular 120-piece RTVE Simphony Orchestra and Choir will perform a wide selection of suites from Trevor Jones works on a total duration of 120 minutes. The orchestra and choir will be conducted by the composer himelf.

He was recently in Madrid supervising the technical details for the concert and the first orchestra rehearsals.

1. Cliffhanger
2. Merlin
3. For Roseanna
4. Aegis
5. The Last Place on Earth
6. The Last of The Mohicans
7. The Mighty
8. Fields of Freedom (Premiere Mundial)
9.The Dark Crystal
10. Encore I
11. EncoreII
12. Encore III

The tickets for Soncinemad Symphonic Concerts are now available for purchase. You can acquire the tickets for the Trevor Jones’ and Harry Gregson Williams´ two different concerts, online via, by this phone number 902-10-12-12 or through any Caixa Catalunya branch. Additionally, you can purchase the tickets from

Concert Details:
Trevor Jones Symphonic Concert (RTVE Simphony Orchestra)
Date: Saturday 1st July
Time: 20:00 P.M
Place: Teatro Monumental (Madrid)
Prices: 25-35-40-45 €
Trevor Jones in concert