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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Schwartz is with us

Coming soon from La-La Land Records...

The Dog's Master, Carlo Siliotto
An original composition from renowned film composer Carlo Siliotto (The Punisher, Fluke). Mr. Silotto re-invents Italian folk music with beautiful orchestra and vocals.

Spaceballs, John Morris
La-La Land Records proudly announces it’s 50th release – composer John Morris’ complete score to the Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs! First official score release ever! Limited Edition of 3000 units.

Tango & Cash, Harold Faltermeyer
First release ever of Harold Faltermeyer’s complete, hard-driving electronic score to the beloved 80’s actioner starring Sly Stallone and Kurt Russell. Limited Edition of 3000 units.

A Name For Evil/The Unknown, Dominic Frontiere
Premiere release of two Dominic Frontiere scores – from the 1973 horror feature A Name For Evil and The Unkown, a score for a television pilot that eventually was broadcast as an episode of The Outer Limits entitled “The Form of Things Unknown.”

For more info, visit La-La Land Records' website.