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Sunday, June 25, 2006

FSM Bern-ing up wallets...

Recently released is Film Score Monthly's massive 12-disc Elmer Bernstein's Filmmusic Collection. Complete with a 136-page hardcover book, this set covers the series re-recording LPs Bernstein conducted and released in 1974-1979. The cost, a hefty $200 U.S. Available now at Screen Archives.

Composers in the news... Elizabeth Snead, of the L.A. Times writes:
"Composer Hans Zimmer just tried the new updated Pirates ride and called it “a thrill” to hear snippets of his Pirates score during it. Disney chairman Dick Cook revealed plans to update the ride again for the premiere of the third Pirates, as yet untitled, skedded for May 25, 2007."
Yes, that's right -- Disney's classic-animatronic ride "Pirates of The Caribbean" has been retrofited with characters from the films and music from Hans Zimmer's score (and perhaps a note or two from the score credited to Klaus Badelt for contractual reasons...)

By the time you read this... Varese will have announced their latest club discs and one or two of them may have sold out. The titles will be/were revealed on their website at 12AM Monday, June 26. Go get 'em!