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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Try before you buy

Summer is ramping up, which means film score nerds are spoiled for previews of the blockbuster soundtracks set for release in the next few weeks. Here are two to start...

Preview Hans Zimmer's The Da Vinci Code here and here.

Extended clips from Michael Giacchino's Mission: Impossible III can be heard at the film's official website. Just let the numbing Flash intro load and enjoy the music.

In release news...
Varese will release James L. Venable's Scary Movie 4, which sadly doesn't sound at all like the scores from War of The Worlds, The Village, etc., despite the film's deadly accurate recreation of sets and visuals. The album's release date is 6/6/6... Coincidentally Varese proves they have Damien covered, this time with Marco Beltrami's score for the The Omen remake, which they will also release (no date specified).