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Monday, April 10, 2006

The 'House' that Harline built

Intrada Announces:

House of Bamboo
Composed by Leigh Harline, Conducted by Lionel Newman

For the 20th Century Fox film House of Bamboo (1955), director Samuel Fuller presents an extraordinary portrait of post-war Japan. Robert Stack plays Eddie, a tough Army cop who infiltrates a gang of dishonorably discharged servicemen, led by the disarmingly soft-spoken Sandy (Robert Ryan). Although a seemingly simplistic plot, Fuller brings in his usual bravura, embroidering the tale with more complexity than is first apparent.

In the music to House of Bamboo, perhaps nowhere is Leigh Harline's full range of gifts more glitteringly on display. From the opening cascades of ferociously descending strings, the music is sure, strong, confident, and beautiful. The music is played powerfully by the Fox orchestra under the baton of Lionel Newman. It's suspenseful, ominous, romantic...all wielding a profoundly serious tone that keeps Fuller's cinematic pyrotechnics in the realm of the recognizably real. This release was edited and mastered from the original stereo session masters which were in perfect condition, allowing for an impressive dynamic range and stereo spread.

This Intrada Special Collection release is limited to 1200 copies.

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