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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Zimpsons?

Crazy-ass scoring assignment of the year: Hans Zimmer handling the big-screen The Simpsons. Apparently FOX has passed over series workhorse Alf Clausen, and signed up The Zim. While it may not move the filmmakers to reconsider their choice, a fan petition has started to raise some hell.

Scoremagacine has a new interview with composer John Scott on their website.

Grab a big bowl of cherries, because John Williams' The Witches of Eastwick score is back in print and available at Collector's Choice Music. Long out-of-print and overpriced on eBay, anyone who has recently plunked down big bucks for Witches has to be burning right now.

Daniel Schweiger talks with former Tangerine Dream-er Paul Haslinger for his podcast On The Score at Film Music Radio.