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Friday, March 10, 2006

Indie label releases

News from Percepto Records:
"Coming in March and April, Percepto offers up a double dose of soundtracks from two of our favorite composers. The first is a rip-roaring predecessor to Jurassic Park, followed by a rousing six-gun shoot ‘em up for 1960s western buffs.

And in the months ahead, we're prepping not one, but TWO mammoth boxed sets spanning the careers of two of the sci-fi/horror/fantasy genre's most distinquished composers, followed by the deluxe presentation of the very first motion picture score from a multi-nominated Oscar winning composer!"
Digital downloading was a major breakthrough for the distribution of film music. MovieScore Media is a new label from Mikael Carlsson, of Music From The Movies fame. His first release, Peter Calandra's jazzy score for the basketball drama Unknown Soldier is currently available on Apple's iTunes store. Up next, and also set for release on iTunes is Shadows In The Sun, a traditional symphonic score by Mark Thomas (Doogal, Agent Cody Banks 2). Fans of Chris Beck's Under The Tuscan Sun will enjoy Thomas' light and looped score.

Looking for that obscure funky score album from that crap-ass Italian zombie picture? Try Hexacord America. How good are these guys? Well, if you're searching for Fabio Frizzi's breezy but hypnotic score for City of The Living Dead, you'll find it at Hexacord America.