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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Get Gertz / Broughton's 'Tombstone'

From Monstrous Movie Music:
Win a free copy of Monstrous Movie Music's acclaimed Creature From The Black Lagoon CD, autographed by composer Irving Gertz. This item has never been offered for sale before!
More details:

Intrada Announces 'Tombstone' 2-disc'r:
For this special 2-CD release of Tombstone, Intrada presents the complete score on disc one, digitally remastered and including Jerry Goldsmith's music for the Cinergi logo. This logo was composed to debut with Tombstone's theatrical release and was conducted by Broughton at the Tombstone sessions. Disc 2 -- included as a bonus -- includes alternate cues and extended source cues heard in the film.
More details: