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Monday, March 27, 2006

Circus of The Stars

Dan Goldwasser at SoundtrackNet continues his coverage of Michael Giacchino's Mission: Impossible 3 (like Entertainment Tonight's monopolistic coverage of cooking impresario Rachel Ray). A new photo essay from the sessions has been added to the site. Sessions that seemed like Circus of The Stars, with tours by Elektra and that best friend who had a wedding... Go to SoundtrackNet to find out what the hell I'm talking about.

And hey, if you haven't noticed, there are two new reviews added to the site: Kevin Kiner's Madison and Lost In Space (music original series) by John Williams and Co.

My interview with James Dooley, re: When A Stranger Calls is also on the site. As a bonus you can preview three clips from the Stranger score while you read the interview (Update: disc is due from Lakeshore Records at movie's DVD release). So I'm desperately trying to get you to read that damned interview. Read carefully, one lucky winner will also find a hunk of gold the size of Harvey Weinstein's fist.