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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Argue more with OST nuts

The internet has brought together the world's soundtrack nerds. Nowhere is this more in evidence (the nerd part... Okay, I'm just kidding) than the various discussion lists and msg. boards that enthusiasts post to every day. If you're curious, have ill-informed opinions, and don't play nice with others, there might just be a home for you at one of the four following sites... - A quick, concise msg board that has a band of polite regulars and a few hellraisers too. The discussion centers around current film music, but there are a few gray-hairs around to keep the discussion diverse.

Film Score Montly - Perhaps the busiest of the bunch, this is a good place to start if you think Jerry Goldsmith's score for S*P*Y*S wasn't completely embarassing. Beware, if you post a new topic that was previously discussed in 1998, someone will sternly remind you and post a link to that old topic. So before you post it's important to search the board for "Gladiator, sucks, Hans Zimmer, devil" just in case someone beat you to the punch.

Movie Music UK - I like this board a lot because it's run by the level-headed chap Jon Broxton. So far the board remains almost virginal without the loathesome presence of know-it-alls and jerks. The discussion here is almost always positive stuff, which is a nice break form digesting internet ugliness all day.

Intrada - The record label Intrada's msg. board is the newest of the bunch and is slowly picking up steam. Lable honcho Douglass Fake visits here so it's a great way to connect with him and ask questions about their latest releases and to beg them to release that old MCA or Warner Bros. title that will never see the light of day. The first thing you must do is post how much you'd like to see Gremlins and Back To The Future released. Then tell them that if it was you'd "buy a copy for sure!".