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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New 'Vitamin' format

You might have noticed that big, blue, Blogger strip at the top of the page. Blogger was the original way the news, etc. at Cinemusic was posted to the site. This was years ago, and the service was flakey to be kind. I switched over to an HTML method that seemd to take more time and effort, despite this it ran smoothly for a year or two. With '05 this section of the site took a significant hit. The doctors said it would never make it. Well, it's back, baby. I'll be posting via Blogger once again, so I can update anytime, anywhere. But I warn you, it could end up being considerably less frequent than anytime and anywhere! Thanks for checking in -- I hope there will always be something here worth reading. (As usual, if you are using Internet Explorer to view this page, it should look incorrect.)