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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FSM Online debuts

Film Score Monthly the print magazine is dead. But the folks behind the mag have ressurected the namesake with FSM Online, film music features and coverage for this digital age. If your prefered method of turning the pages of FSM was in the comfort of your bathroom, you will now have to balance a laptop (desktops are out of the question) on your knees.

A selection of interesting features have been included with the debut "issue", including the staff wrap-up of '05, as well as audio interviews with Patrick Doyle, John Ottman and others. They also promise that their entire back catalogue will be available as .PDF files shortly too.

The price is $4.95 (U.S.) per month. I signed up earlier this week and have gone through most of the articles and really liked what I've seen so far. FSM has had the rep of being the cranky, mouthy (er, American?) film music mag. While they have often lost a bit of perspective on the art vs. business of film music and therefore repeatedly beaten up on a few composers, they remain a truly passionate outpost. The move to the internet will help keep their record label afloat, no doubt pleasing many of our aging collector brethren.

For more info, check out FSM Online.